Float therapy Center

Have you ever imagined yourself floating in thin air? Well, float therapy at Fitness Delivered Total Health allows you to do just that! Unless you’re an Astronaut, it’s the closest you’ll ever be to feeling weightless! Floating brings us back to our natural state – that core meditative state. With 1,500 pounds of Epsom salt and 200 gallons of water, your muscular system is transformed by the mimicry of the Dead Sea. Floating helps reduce stress and pain, alleviates anxiety, and improves sleep. The high salinity content allows your body to effortlessly float on the surface of the water, effectively eliminating gravity while magnesium-rich Epsom salt alleviates your aches and pains.

The more you float, the better it gets – you find the flow and realize you can just let go, trusting the water to hold you so you can let the healing begin.

Floating is sensory deprivation – sensory deprivation, or R.E.S.T. (reduced environmental stimulation therapy), is the removal of stimuli from our senses and it allows for profound rest similar to deep theta sleep. To achieve this level of sensory deprivation in our float tanks, each room is soundproof and the water temperature is the same as your body which removes the sense of touch.

Absent from sensory stimuli, and along with an almost gravity-free environment, your central nervous system gets a rest allowing your mind, body, and soul the chance to recharge, refresh, and refocus the healing energy to where it is needed.

It’s really like nothing else that you have experienced, for comparison sake. Our best description for you to wrap your arms and mind around is as follows: The water temperature coupled with the buoyancy created by the dense Epsom-salt (USP grade magnesium sulphate) solution means that once you are settled in the tank you will be brought as close as possible to an experience of complete weightlessness. In effect, your brain will be ‘fooled’ into believing that you are literally suspended freely in mid-air. Floating weightlessly your body is perfectly supported by a cushion of silky liquid. Freed from all sensation of gravity, temperature, touch, sight and sound, you conserve and redirect vast amounts of natural physical and mental energy. Unless you are an astronaut, this is the only situation you will ever encounter where your body is free from the sensation of the force of gravity.

There really is not such a thing as a typical floater. Floating has evolved in the last 15 years to health and beauty spas, rehab facilities, professional sports teams and athletes around the world, and gradually to the general public. The most common uses for floatation are for assistance in relaxation, stress reduction, accelerated recovery from exercise, needed relief from chronic pain, during pregnancy (must be out of first trimester), jet lag recovery and just plain old-fashioned “ME time.” Basically, floating is now mainstream, anyone can benefit from it, and everyone is encouraged to try it! You owe yourself a break from the chaos in daily life.

You are not confined at any time and you can keep the canopy open if you’d like. You have all the control you need. The tank is 8′ 5″ long, 4′ 3″ tall and 5′ 5″ wide. You have plenty of room.

No problem at all. Floating is not for everyone and we’d be lying to you if we said it was. If you want to get out, it’s simple. Lift up the lid, stand up and step out. Get into the shower and clean yourself off and just get dressed. Some people just get themselves all worked up going in because they don’t know how to let go, truly relax and give themselves permission to just not care. We totally get that, so at least compliment yourself on trying something new.

Absolutely not (but it’s your choice). Float in whatever makes you comfortable, but most guests float comfortably totally free from clothing... You want as little sensory stimulation against your skin as possible!

There is actually no need to totally change the water after every session. By the nature of the solution (300 gallons of water, saturated with 1100 lbs of USP grade epsom salt-magnesium sulphate), the solution itself is a sterile environment. Nothing grows in that high of a mineral content when well maintained. After every session, the solution goes through an external filter for 15 minutes, taking out up to 1 micron of particles. We also use hydrogen peroxide (when needed) as an oxidizer. Not only does the solution get filtered after every single float, it goes through the same filtration process every 90 minutes (if someone is not floating), 24/7. We take great pride in the cleanliness of our Center.

Some people fall easily asleep in the pod and some people eventually get there. But falling asleep is not the absolute outcome you are striving for, so don’t worry. A 60 minute session is equivalent to 4 hours of deep sleep on your body. Not paying back your sleep debt (that’s impossible to do), but rather making your body feel as if it had 4 more hours of deep sleep that night. Usually, people feel apprehensive about falling asleep because they feel they might roll over. Because of the density of the solution, it is very difficult to roll over and most people that have a problem with sleeping on their backs, have no problem whatsoever in the tank. Even guests that have sleep apnea and are used to a CPAP machine at night are usually surprised and do very well in our pods.

JUST BRING YOURSELF and anything else you’ll need to continue for the rest of your day/evening.  We supply towels, ear plugs, shampoo/conditioner and body soap.

Stress Relief
Helps Relieve stress, anxiety and depression
Reduces Pain
Soothe chronic pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia
Mental Clarity
Great way to nurture your mind, body and spirit
Performance Recovery
Popular in helping athletes recover from training
  • "Floating keeps my back and hip muscles flexible! I didn't realize the complete truth of this until I missed a few sessions. It's now my preferred choice for managing my discomfort related to arthritis and fibromyalgia."
    Cheryl F.
  • "Floating has been a life changing experience for me. The first time in 28 years, I was pain free while in the pod for 30 minutes. Regular floating as enabled my body to exercise, has decreased my headaches, and my chronic pain is manageable."
    Jamie W.